Frevotron is the name of the project which unites DJ Dolores, Mestre Spok and Yuri Queiroga, dedicated to reinventing Frevo and presenting it in a surprising and modern form.  Frevo is the traditional music of the streets of Recife and Olinda, which had its gold era decades ago, and is now a music mostly restricted to […]

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Release Date: April 12, 2016 Format: Digital Label: Kafundó Records Catalog #: KFD004 Cover Art: Pedro Marighella Mastering: Krishnin at Blissonance Atochar is a slang word used in Rafa Dias’ home town of Paulo Afonso, Bahia to communicate intensity. For example, “Turn that shit up” might translate as “Atocha essa porra aí.” ÀTTØØXXÁ also reflects […]

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Salvador Santo

Salvador Santo is a musician and DJ from Olinda, Pernambuco working with a variety of traditional afro-braziian roots elements, electronic beats, samples. Toca Ogan from Nação Zumbi, Isaar França and even Salvador’s son, Lino, make appearances on his second solo album, “Cidade Invisível.” Salvador is also singer, composer and member of the band, Dona Margarida […]

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Formed in Olinda, Pernambuco in the northeast of Brazil, Superlage is the of duo Dj Incidental, who covers beat making duties while Ramon Alfaia (originally from the Amazon) plays bass, sings and co-produces. For this record, they worked with the singer from Pará, Jana Figarella, who brought the feel of Amazonian riverside culture and a […]

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Radiola Serra Alta

Hailing from the city of Triunfo, in the interior of the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco, Radiola Serra Alta are a production duo working with a mix of local traditional music and electronic music.  Their music seeks to bridge the arid, high plains of Pernambuco with the experimental depths of the international underground music scene. […]

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Founded in 2011, this band from Rio de Janeiro consists of Bel Baroni (percussion & vocals), Diogo Jobim (keyboards), Dudu Lacerda (percussion & vocals), Micael Amarante (vocals, saxofone & guitar), Nana Orlandi (percussion & vocals) and Pedro Rondon (bass). Guided by mixing rhythms and language, the group set out to create a mixture with a […]

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Marco Aurélio Marinho aka DJ MAM has been DJing and representing dancefloor compatible Brazilian music with an electronic touch since 2002. He has played at major events in Brazil and beyond such as New Year’s Eve at Copacabana beach. In 2012, he released “Sotaque Carregado” (heavy accent), a diverse round-up of songs inspired by his […]

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Rodrigo Fonseca (aka Nirso) is a musician, DJ and producer. After many years playing with all sorts of bands and musical projects, Nirso started to make remixes, edits and compose for digital and electronic music. He is DJing since 2001 and Digital Cumbia, Rasterinha, Tropical Bass, Eletro Coco and Dembow are some of the styles […]

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From Salvador, Bahia, Opanijé is a trio of talented musicians, formed by Luis Guilherme (DJ Chiba), and the brothers, Lázaro Castro (Lazarus Ere) and Rone Dum Dum (Rone Erik) has two meanings. The name of the group has two meanings, first, it is a sacred rhythm in the Afro-Brazilian religion of Candomblé which is palyed […]

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The band naurÊa is from Aracajú, the capital of the tiny state of Sergipe in the northeast of Brazil. Founded in 2001 their name is an onomatopoeia of how it sounds pronouncing quickly “Na orelha” which means “on your ears”. They play what they call Sambaião which obviously is a fusion of Samba and Baião. […]

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