The band naurÊa is from Aracajú, the capital of the tiny state of Sergipe in the northeast of Brazil. Founded in 2001 their name is an onomatopoeia of how it sounds pronouncing quickly “Na orelha” which means “on your ears”. They play what they call Sambaião which obviously is a fusion of Samba and Baião. […]

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Otavio Junior Santos de Paula was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais and has been an MC, composer and poet since 1998. He started his artistic activities promoting debates and talks in his community about human rights issues, which brought him into contact with local hip hop culture. Partnering with local youth and cultural producers, […]

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Navigating N/E Mixtape

A mixtape by SoundGoods celebrating the release of Kafundó Vol. 3 which navigates through a cocktail of various musical flavors between electronic and roots sounds from the North and Northeast of Brazil. Tracklist: 01. DJ ChicoCorrea – Manganga 02. Radiola Serra Alta – Coco de Nosso Senhor 03. Opanijé – Vamuinvadi (part. Loquaz) 04. FurmigaDub […]

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Musician and DJ, Esmeraldo Marques, artistically known as ChicoCorrea, is a multi-instrumentalist, band leader, composer, and pioneer in the fusion of northeastern brazilian folk music with electronic music. He is part of a new generation of producers creating Brazilian Bass music, focusing his artistic creativity on the oral traditions of native country and the low […]

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Lurdez da Luz

Lurdez da Luz from São Paulo is not new to Brazil’s Rap scene. In the 2000s she was part of Mamelo Sound System and released her first self-titled solo album in 2010. The song “Andei” went on to enter the Brazilian top 10 at that time. Apart of collaborations with national rappers and musicians such […]

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Os Nelsons

Founded in 2010, the band Os Nelsons is made up of Raoni Kanalha (vocals), Ericson Feitosa (Guitar), Barata Bass (Bass) and Rafa Dias (DJ) and they define themselves as part of the Hi-Fi diaspora. Their raw beats are a mixture of traditional afro-brazilian percussion from the state of Bahia and contemporary global rhythms such as […]

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Sistah Mo Respect

Sistah Mo Respect defines herself as composer, presenter, capoeirista, dancehall queen and trumpeter, and is perhaps more mysterious as she does not reveal her real name. We know that she comes from Parada de Lucas, a district in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. There, she grew up with the swing and beats of the […]

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Sacassaia from Brasília started as a duo in 2009 producing Hip Hop and Dancehall, with no stylistic restrictions. This means that they add to this electronic elements as well as traditional rhythms from Brazil, other Latin-American countries and the world. The producer is Tomás Seferin (aka Tony Roballo) and comes from an electronic and experimental […]

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Ba-Boom is a bombastic combination of Brazilian and Jamaican music, although it may be more precise to say that this is Jamaican music with a Brazilian accent. Their music is a trip through reggae, ska, dub and ragga with the Brazilian swing of afoxé, samba and Baião. Their raps, are infused with the melodies of […]

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